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Good afternoon! Just a quick #introduction to set me up around these parts.

I'm an illustrator, animator, writer from the UK, currently working on some games of my own. Supporting #FOSS where I can, and a big fan of #krita.

Excited to see what you guys have to share!

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I'm fairly new to Mastodon. I thought I'd list a few of my interests as an #introduction, hoping that this will help me find like-minded people. Here goes:


Alright everyone, it's real late. Goodnight! 🌃 See you all tomorrow. ❤

In case any server admins want to run this awesome lookin' theme. I named it hongkong-garden 🇭🇰 🍀

@Azurolu Finally. The legendary 🅰️zurolu is now following me. 💥

@Gargron I would be very grateful if you can provide me with an minimum example that compiles all the .scss files in /mastodon/tree/master/app/javascript/styles into common.css and default.css. This way I can replicate the tooling serverside.

@Gargron Can you tell me a bit about 's CSS buildchain, and how it works? I've never used webpack before, and I'm a bit confused by it. I realized I wrote myself into a corner this morning, and I actually would have to do server-side sass compilations of some sort, since I cannot cleanly replicate the lighten() and darken() functions in javascript.

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Hello, mastodon :) I'm a historian specialising in the #history of the Caucasus & in digital humanities! I'm also a #writer, game developer (#gamedev), radical left-liberal, painfully British, living in #Vienna, #Tolkien + #DoctorWho fan, folk storyteller, and lover of obscure unusual animals, especially pangolins. Do say hello, or don't, or whatever you please!

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I wish there was like a tab with the newest users that signed up on the instance, so I could welcome them too

Goodnight everyone! Let's hope tomorrow would be a better day! 🌃 😴 💤

@Gargron Did you know in the average mastodon tootdeck there are more than 105 unique non-machine-generated selectors? All the way from .app-body to -spoiler-input! 😆 - that's a lot of selectors!

🙏 Just finished the UI boilerplate for , the online maker for ! 😃 Now I just have to reverse-engineer @Gargron 's ten thousand lines of sass source files 😭.

P.S: @Pasty your in the world's cutest little iframe ❤ now 😉

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#introduction / #introductions

I haven't done one of these with the new account...well, my name is Kara Dreamer, I'm 42 years old on paper but also a very new and naïve Seattle transwoman, and I talk about #magick, #chemistry, #Undertale, #chess, the occasional other game, and assorted other things.

I'm also a #plurality—that is, my personality has multiple foci, that don't remain entirely constant. @kel is my draconic familiar in this, and @chara is Chara.

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@shen that sounds awesome but more importantly, why does your text editor have a combo meter?

Just started building my online customizer! I think I'll call it 😉.

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Hey so, there's been a bit of a kerfuffle with Patreon lately after a terms of service change that threatens all sex workers

There's now an open letter to Patreon to please not do that

The idea of folks losing their livelihood overnight for reasons I cannot see as justified is terrifying, and there's no Patreon alternative either.

Looks like is excluding a certain group of content creators from their network. Read about it!