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Trying to cook with my classmates is how I realized that truly, they aren't kidding when they said: "cooking is a social activity". All sense of productivity and efficiency goes out the window when everyone's chatting with each other and vaguely stirring some dough.

Clap after me: You're👏 not👏 a👏 real👏 programmer👏 unless👏 your👏 code👏 editor👏 is👏 an👏 electron👏 microscope👏 and👏 an👏 UV👏 lithography👏 laser👏

"The conventional view of emotions as good or bad, positive or negative, is rigid. And rigidity in the face of complexity is toxic." - Susan David, Ph.D

There's a lovely proverb in Chinese called: "A blind cat caught a dead mouse". It's used to describe a circumstance that only occured due to sheer, outrageous luck! 🐱 🐭

I just got a friend started with using Ubuntu. We spent a hour having fun, and customizing her new OS. It was amazing!

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Just updated mastodon to version 2.2.0! Hooray! 2️⃣ ⏺ 2️⃣ ⏺ 0️⃣

Storybook Purple
- Shot on Pentax KX f/1.2, using 35mm Lomochrome Purple XR.

@crazypedia Sadly, I'm afraid not - since I never got around to finishing it. The repository is available on my laptop though. Would you like to have it uploaded on github?

New pictures from my analog camera!

"The summer heat swelters, but the shadows of the shade bear no shelter. They are downright... hallucinationary."

@guerrillarain Consider this essay, It's somewhat perpendicular to the idea of toxic masculinity, but I think you may enjoy it anyhow:

"The world's most toxic value system"

I just went to a key signing party, and got my PGP public key signed! Met an awesome Linux Kernel Developer in my tiny city. 🐧 👨‍💻 🔑 🖋

@taiz Well, at least they tried ;)

Does anybody have any recommendations for interesting Discord servers to join? 💬

🔔 Hear ye! Hear ye! 🔔
I recently created my first pair of PGP keys 🔑 . If you want to communicate with me securely over email, or check the authenticity of the documents I sign, please add the following public key which belongs to me:

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When you are not a geek and you don't speak computer things you are like a stranger here at #activitypub country

Better to open a flickr or facebook account

I just turned 18 last weekend! Gotta update my bio 🍰 🎂 🎉 1⃣ 8⃣