Shen ✅

Storybook Purple
- Shot on Pentax KX f/1.2, using 35mm Lomochrome Purple XR.

🙏 Just finished the UI boilerplate for , the online maker for ! 😃 Now I just have to reverse-engineer @Gargron 's ten thousand lines of sass source files 😭.

P.S: @Pasty your in the world's cutest little iframe ❤ now 😉

Just started building my online customizer! I think I'll call it 😉.

The best webcomic I've ever read. Bilingual, in both 🇬🇧 🇨🇳 !

"Abandoned by their creators, scattered groups of robots search for purpose in the factory-cities of their desolate world.
Though the robots differ dramatically in function and design, they share essential traits.
Drawing power from the common grid, they never suffer scarcity.
And the concept of violence is absent from their world.
What new ways of being might such creatures create?"

Just finished my Further Oral Assessment today. Look at how rad my presentation is!

"Spraypaint Blossom"
35mm Kodak Ektar, taken with an Pentax KX analog camera. Bucharest, Romania.

The Estate in the Distance
Shot on a Pentax KX with 35mm Kodak Ektar film.