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Trying to cook with my classmates is how I realized that truly, they aren't kidding when they said: "cooking is a social activity". All sense of productivity and efficiency goes out the window when everyone's chatting with each other and vaguely stirring some dough.

Clap after me: You're👏 not👏 a👏 real👏 programmer👏 unless👏 your👏 code👏 editor👏 is👏 an👏 electron👏 microscope👏 and👏 an👏 UV👏 lithography👏 laser👏

"The conventional view of emotions as good or bad, positive or negative, is rigid. And rigidity in the face of complexity is toxic." - Susan David, Ph.D

There's a lovely proverb in Chinese called: "A blind cat caught a dead mouse". It's used to describe a circumstance that only occured due to sheer, outrageous luck! 🐱 🐭

I just got a friend started with using Ubuntu. We spent a hour having fun, and customizing her new OS. It was amazing!

Just updated mastodon to version 2.2.0! Hooray! 2️⃣ ⏺ 2️⃣ ⏺ 0️⃣

Storybook Purple
- Shot on Pentax KX f/1.2, using 35mm Lomochrome Purple XR.

New pictures from my analog camera!

"The summer heat swelters, but the shadows of the shade bear no shelter. They are downright... hallucinationary."

I just went to a key signing party, and got my PGP public key signed! Met an awesome Linux Kernel Developer in my tiny city. 🐧 👨‍💻 🔑 🖋

Does anybody have any recommendations for interesting Discord servers to join? 💬

🔔 Hear ye! Hear ye! 🔔
I recently created my first pair of PGP keys 🔑 . If you want to communicate with me securely over email, or check the authenticity of the documents I sign, please add the following public key which belongs to me:

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I have 6 followers
One is me
6 real followers
2 are bots
4 real real #followers

When you are not a geek and you don't speak computer things you are like a stranger here at #activitypub country

Better to open a flickr or facebook account

I just turned 18 last weekend! Gotta update my bio 🍰 🎂 🎉 1⃣ 8⃣

A large, well organized collection of radical feminist literature, organized as a Calibre directory. All of the texts are PDFs from well known feminists, from reputable journals/publishers - I highly recommend y'all to check this out!

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Hey! I'm Sprite and I'm married to @neverwhere, poly, bi, nonbinary, very dyslexic and my life's currently in stasis after moving from the UK to the US.

I like to pet rats, sleep, cry about robots, coax old tech back to life, play d&d and stay up late breaking computer games

I've got a "problem with authority", credit in a bad PS2 game, worked for the Scottish government, been a network and system admin and I never finished college. My life is a mess.

You know that feeling when you flood your submarine, because you forgot which lever was which in your underwater toilet? 😖

Alright, I'm off to bed now. Cya all tomorrow! 🌃 💤 🛏 🌔

@emelie Wait, mastodon has a community manager ⁉