I wrote a socratic dialogue on the question of being. What does it mean for something _to be_? Can we explain _anything_ through recourse to its material or form? This article is an exercise in metaphysical inquiry, with a cute analogy done with and . Let me know of your thoughts!

I wrote a about using the Enterprise Onion Toolkit (EOTK) to make any website available as a Onion Service over the Network. EOTK is used by the BBC, NYT, and others to make their websites resistant. If you're a homelabber, self-hoster, or the admin of a news organisation, you should check this out!

I wrote a guide on creating fully reproducible, PDF/A-compliant documents using LaTeX. By following this tutorial, you'll get to learn how to make archival grade documents that are worthy of long-term digital preservation.

In this article, I present an introduction to the philosophical discipline of Metaphysics, for Computer Scientists and other friends from a background. If you are interested in , come check it out!


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