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I just turned 18 last weekend! Gotta update my bio 🍰 🎂 🎉 1⃣ 8⃣

A large, well organized collection of radical feminist literature, organized as a Calibre directory. All of the texts are PDFs from well known feminists, from reputable journals/publishers - I highly recommend y'all to check this out!

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Hey! I'm Sprite and I'm married to @neverwhere, poly, bi, nonbinary, very dyslexic and my life's currently in stasis after moving from the UK to the US.

I like to pet rats, sleep, cry about robots, coax old tech back to life, play d&d and stay up late breaking computer games

I've got a "problem with authority", credit in a bad PS2 game, worked for the Scottish government, been a network and system admin and I never finished college. My life is a mess.

You know that feeling when you flood your submarine, because you forgot which lever was which in your underwater toilet? 😖

Alright, I'm off to bed now. Cya all tomorrow! 🌃 💤 🛏 🌔

@emelie Wait, mastodon has a community manager ⁉

📎 📎 📎 What happens when you cross an artificial intelligence with abhuman value-systems designed to maximize profit with no safety-checks in it's self-improvement process with a clicker game? You get paperclip maximizer, that's what:

Woke up feeling awwwww-some 🍮. Now I have two classes of philosophy! 📚 - what an awesome way to start a friday ❤

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Good afternoon! Just a quick #introduction to set me up around these parts.

I'm an illustrator, animator, writer from the UK, currently working on some games of my own. Supporting #FOSS where I can, and a big fan of #krita.

Excited to see what you guys have to share!

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I'm fairly new to Mastodon. I thought I'd list a few of my interests as an #introduction, hoping that this will help me find like-minded people. Here goes:


Alright everyone, it's real late. Goodnight! 🌃 See you all tomorrow. ❤

In case any server admins want to run this awesome lookin' theme. I named it hongkong-garden 🇭🇰 🍀

@Azurolu Finally. The legendary 🅰️zurolu is now following me. 💥

@Gargron I would be very grateful if you can provide me with an minimum example that compiles all the .scss files in /mastodon/tree/master/app/javascript/styles into common.css and default.css. This way I can replicate the tooling serverside.

@Gargron Can you tell me a bit about 's CSS buildchain, and how it works? I've never used webpack before, and I'm a bit confused by it. I realized I wrote myself into a corner this morning, and I actually would have to do server-side sass compilations of some sort, since I cannot cleanly replicate the lighten() and darken() functions in javascript.

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Hello, mastodon :) I'm a historian specialising in the #history of the Caucasus & in digital humanities! I'm also a #writer, game developer (#gamedev), radical left-liberal, painfully British, living in #Vienna, #Tolkien + #DoctorWho fan, folk storyteller, and lover of obscure unusual animals, especially pangolins. Do say hello, or don't, or whatever you please!

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I wish there was like a tab with the newest users that signed up on the instance, so I could welcome them too

Goodnight everyone! Let's hope tomorrow would be a better day! 🌃 😴 💤